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HSQ Technology is a leader in systems hardware and software for infrastructure

HSQ is a manufacturer, systems integrator and contractor specializing in monitoring, control and radio/communications technology products and services for major infrastructure projects worldwide. HSQ has long been a leader enabling efficient and reliable communication of data from field instruments back to central control and operator workstations.


HSQ also develops and installs cutting-edge Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) communications software to ensure safe, secure and intelligent systems technology management that communicates to Remote Terminal Units and other field devices via Report by Exception dataflow that has made HSQ the go-to solution for critical infrastructure systems.  


Our team delivers integrated solutions for public utilities and facilities, including water/wastewater systems, electric power generation facilities, public transportation systems, military bases, and other large institutional facilities. 

SCADA HMI interface Lincoln tunnel  new york

   TOTAL SOLUTION  We integrate to ensure secure interoperability across systems, including SCADA, Switchgear and MCC, Control Panels, and more

   SOFTWARE  Our vendor agnostic approach to software enables us to  integrate systems with SCADA protocols and platforms such as Aveva (Wonderware), ClearSCADA (Schneider), R-S View (Allen-Bradley) Ignition, GE IFIX, as well as HSQ's own SCADA offering M.I.S.E.R., which now runs on Linux, and Nucleus, our Windows-based SCADA solution

New HSQ RTU PLC control panel with logic processors


+  HSQ Model 25 x 86 RTU/PLC processor with local I/O 

+  Custom Control Panels with various protocols (copper, fiber, radio, cellular)

+  Instrumentation Equipment & Upgrades



Nucleus - Next generation Windows-based solution exclusive to HSQ PLC's optimizes and upgrades systems

M.I.S.E.R. - HSQ's proven SCADA platform on the Linux operating system 

HSQ field technicians work on rewmote RTUs and instruments and controls for industrial systems

Emergency help, consulting, video tutorials, project reviews, and more. Customers can select from an array of support plans to suit their needs


Replacement parts, firmware and software version upgrades, repairs and instrumentation procurement  

   TRAINING  Learn how to operate & maintain our user-friendly software & hardware systems

HSQ technician repairs a control panel for field communications for water system

   SCADA INTEGRATION & DEVELOPMENT  Expertise with all major SCADA platforms


   INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROLS  Installation services - procurement to certification

   TRAINING & SUPPORT   Learn to operate and maintain our systems

   TELEMETRY  Industry-leading automated data communications

   PROJECT MGMT  Oversight of entire scope, including cybersecurity

   CUSTOM PANELS  Turnkey production of panels & assemblies

water treatment plant for HSQ PLCs and RTUs

   WATER / WASTEWATER  HSQ brings 40+ years and elite radio telemetry tools and software


   UTILITIES / POWER    Reliable installations for energy management


   MILITARY & INDUSTRY  Strict security and superior quality with single-source trust

   TRANSPORTATION    Advanced intrusion detection and control systems ensuring safety & security

HSQ customer portal

   NEW CUSTOMERS  Find out how to utilize the technical & pricing power of HSQ to design, install, test and maintain world-class control and monitoring communications systems

   EXISTING CUSTOMERS  Get exclusive access to user manuals and knowledge base materials that complement the certification training offered exclusively to HSQ customers

lincoln tun blur1 narrow .jpg
"No other company is more dedicated to cybersecurity than HSQ."

IT Director, International Airport

HSQ's Proven Windows-Based SCADA Software Solution

Nucleus SCADA HMI screen for water tanks and pumps
Nucleus SCADA in Miami Dade central control center for transit

With Nucleus, HSQ customers can upgrade - affordably and efficiently - to a next generation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software developed exclusively to communicate with HSQ field logic processor units via radio and fiber communications systems.

HSQ Nucleus Logo

HSQ's "agnostic" software model enables us to install and integrate a variety of SCADA platforms. But to empower our customers with freedom of choice, HSQ has partnered with Nucleus Command Sytems to offer a Windows-based solution with the following features and advantages:

  • One-time licensing fee with no annual subscription like many software applications, with unlimited data points

  • Nucleus is the only Windows-based SCADA program that can communicate with HSQ field equipment and RTU's

  • A Nucleus upgrade requires no field equipment replacement, saving clients profound time and resources

  • Nucleus' graphical and intuitive HMI is user-friendly and offers strict security protocols for modern IT systems

Nucleus technology has been serving major infrastructure projects for over two decades, providing control and monitoring processes for systems such as Miami-Dade County, Bay Area Rapid Transit, University of Florida Water projects, Los Angeles County and innovative power-generation projects in East Asia.


HSQ Under New Ownership with Commitment to Highest Quality Standards

As the new owners of HSQ Tech since our acquisition from RailWorks in August 2023, we are deeply committed to serving our customers with full transparency to ensure that our services and products meet the highest industry quality standards. Since 1979, HSQ has earned a reputation for its integrated and secure technology solutions for critical infrastructure systems and innovative products. In that tradition, HSQ is proud to announce the launch of Nucleus, a proven Windows-based SCADA software platform that has been customized to serve HSQ customers.


With more than 10,000 projects successfully completed by our expert staff, the HSQ team looks forward to continuing to provide world-class products and services to customers for many years to come. Learn more about HSQ's values and our new leadership team here.

HSQ's customer-first commitment drives everything we do. Our resources and skills, combined with our ability to serve as a one-stop-shop of automation systems experts, allow us to take total system responsibility and provide a single source of ongoing integrated system support.

HSQ Technology Logo


HSQ is systems integrator for Ignition, Wonderware, Siemens, Rockwell and Nucleus
Nucleus SCADA logo
HSQ is certified by CSIA


Let's work together to make the world's critical infrastructure systems work better

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