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HSQ has developed its own key products that allow us to provide customized control and communications systems solutions. These products are uniquely designed to reliably and efficiently meet a wide range of project requirements, while still being flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. HSQ is also proficient in integrating its own products with third party hardware and software. We can use products from Allen-Bradley, GE, Siemens, Safetran, Alstom, and Schneider Electric, to name just a few.

Nucleus SCADA sample screen HMI

Nucleus is a proven Windows-based SCADA platform that communicates seamlessly with HSQ field equipment. Its user-friendly HMI, secure architecture, and no-subscription pricing, make it the ideal choice for upgrading SCADA systems. Nucleus features the same industry-leading Report by Exception data communications with buffered RTU data as offered by M.I.S.E.R. Key features include... SPEED: -Faster installation, development and performance -Pre-built graphical layouts with alarms, messages and navigation templates -Ultra fast array based communications -Built-in communication drivers eliminate middleware I/O processing -Event based expressions only evaluate and repaint graphics when the I/O assigned to them changes state -Ability to filter rapidly changing values. RELIABILITY: -Proven 24/7/365 uptime - Low CPU impact and no memory leaking -Robust, distribution capable applications -Extensive simulation capabilities -Multiple redundancy options INNOVATION: -Playback to screen of historical data built-in to HMI applications -I/O tabular in HMI Stations shows the current state of all assigned I/O filtered by source -I/O automatically created to show the state of all networked applications -Predefined HMI layout selection for rapid development - Sticky notes on screens in production for either shared info or to prohibit controls -Define alarms with prerequisites, priorities, on and off delays, and runtime inhibition -Efficient expression development strategy eliminates verbose scripting -Calculated Values allow the complex combination of I/O to be summarized into individual indications to simplify processes -32,000 levels of security access for process controls -Password protection for sensitive operational controls -Graphical animation for variable sizing, opacity, movement, and rotation -Ability to load user defined graphical images icons into control system -Graphical icon images based on multiple indication states Built-in Stored Procedures -Built-in communication drivers for the most popular protocols -Ability to develop systems online or offline with PLCs and other remote devices on a single laptop with or without server access -Ability to deliver small stand alone or large networked systems -Perpetual (non-subscription) licensing Automated application distribution tools -Highly organized non-cluttered Developer Superior built-in simulation tools -Tight relational database integration -Third party relational database applications -Data Flow servers allow production historical database tables to be shared with IT Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL databases on remote servers for security and enterprise reporting -No defined limit on I/O assignment per project


M.I.S.E.R. is a SCADA application for real-time data acquisition, monitoring and automated process control on both open VMS and the Linux Operating System. M.I.S.E.R. stands for: M: Maximum system performance I: Information monitoring and control S: Safe & secure platform E: Executes rapid data flow R: Resources utilized efficiently M.I.S.E.R. features highly configurable and secure packages with exceptional features for SCADA telemetry systems, with particularly tight integration with HSQ’s Logic Controllers. Customers around the globe have trusted their operations to M.I.S.E.R. for decades. Key Features: -Distributed, real-time databases (unrestricted licensing up to 64,000 points) -True client-server architecture -X-Window/Motif graphical user interface (XView) -Buffered RTU data with time-stamping means no data loss in the event of communication outages -Data is be stored and backfilled once communications are recovered, retaining the original time-stamp of when the event actually occurred -History data recording and trending -TCP/IP open network communications -MISERnet – high performance report by exception database linking -Redundant server with automatic fail over Redundant data highway (LAN) and remote communications -Supports ORACLE and SQL relational history databases -Data export to MS Office and other PC applications -VisualCL – HSQ’s IEC 61131-3 graphical function block language -Browser access to on-line manuals

Yard RTU Back Panel PLC

HSQ provides turnkey production capabilities to design and manufacture any control panel and back panel assembly from a full design build or customer provided engineering drawings. Our team is well versed in providing proven quality control procedures from procurement of components and staging and scheduling of material all the way through assembly, testing and delivery to the site, aderhering to our ISO 9001 and UL508A certifications. Key features: -Custom panel design, fabrication, and wiring -Hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction -Maintenance-friendly designs that are built to last decades -Integrated UPS, battery, or generator power back-up options -Sunshields, heating, and air conditioning accessories are optional -UL 508A label if required

HSQ Logic Processor.jpg

The Model 25×86 Logic Processor Stack is an x86-based data acquisition and control computer intended for a wide range of telemetry, SCADA, distributed automation and facilities management applications. Our Logic Processor is also a PLC with capabailties for expanded I/O. It has compatibility with existing HSQ Model 2500/86 and HSQ Model 2500 Processors. The Model 25×86 is provided with HSQ-developed software which supports report-by-exception, which reports only the points that have changed from previous states. The RTU buffers data with a time stamp of when events occured to ensure a continous and comprehensive data collection so data is never lost. A real-time clock is synchronized to the master system clock, featuring a local time-stamped Sequence of Events (SOE), local alarm detection and engineering units conversion, and user definable computations and control logic. Key Features: -Industrial x86 Processor -RTU software runs on base Windows OS -Distributed Alarm and Data Processing -Sequence of Events (SOE) Buffering Data until data is received by server so no data is ever lost -Synchronized Real Time Clock -Intelligent Stand Alone Control -VisualCL Programming -Redundant Power Supply Option -IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T Ethernet -IP LAN/WAN Support -Modbus Master/Slave Capability

nucleus scada

M.I.S.E.R. scada



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