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HSQ's New Windows-based SCADA Solution

Nucleus SCADA software for water system projects


Nucleus is now available to order. Nucleus has been in continuous operation in critical infrastructure systems for over twenty years, including major urban transportation systems nationwide. It is also ideal for HSQ customers for any industry seeking to upgrade to a safe, secure and proven Windows-based SCADA platform fully integrated with HSQ field technology and compatible with all standard communications protocols.

SCADA HMI screen Nucleus HSQ

Modern, User-Friendly HMI

Modern, graphical HMI on Windows platform with flexible architecture and training available to make transition a seamless experience for customers. The interface is touted for its ease of use and intuitive design.

Nucleus is an ideal SCADA software for water and wastewater projects

Seamless System Upgrade

Nucleus is the only Windows-based SCADA platform option on the market that has been designed to be fully compatible with HSQ protocols. This enables customers to enjoy no field installation costs for hardware changes, saving them time and money.

SCADA HMI central control system for RTUs and PLCs

Reliable & Affordable SCADA

Since 1999, the technology behind Nucleus has been in successful and continuous operation for critical infrastructure systems. Nucleus’ partnership with HSQ is an ideal Windows-based SCADA option as it does not require any field equipment modifications. And clients can enjoy virtually unlimited data points for projects at no extra cost.

Nucleus Sample HMI Screen

Ready to Try Nucleus?

Customers interested in downloading Nucleus Developer software must first click the button below to create a Nucleus User Account to request a free development license and to gain access to our Help Center materials. Existing Nucleus users can also log into their account here.

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You can email or fill out the form and we will be in touch to share more about this exciting new product offering.

HSQ Technology for SCADA software

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